Surprise Options/Customization

After The SINGING STAFF have taken the stage, for small additional charges we can offer all kinds of options.


The Breakdancing Manager

Take a champion breakdancer, put him in a suit, and place him at the head table with your clients. In the middle of the show he's selected (seemingly) at random, brought up on stage and asked to do a few simple dance moves. A few minutes later, he's spinning on his head!


Beatbox Plant

Take a nationally-known beatboxer who looks like he should be your accountant, put him in a suit, and plant him in the audience. Call him up on stage to teach him a few things. After a few laughs he's locked in an epic beatbox battle with the ‘SINGING STAFF’ vocal drummer.


The Heckler

"Man, I can sing better than you!" The Heckler refuses to believe that bus boys can sing better than him. (Yep, he works for us.) He makes his feelings known throughout the show and is finally given his chance to come up on stage. After some uncomfortable exchanges he blows away the audience with his soulful sound.


The Admin Plant

She just started with your company, and now she’s on stage in front of all those people. Our Nervous Nellie is forced to sing with us and unfortunately she's really terrible, at first. Once she gets rolling, she can't be stopped — literally.


We Take Requests !

A crowd favorite! You can add a section to the show where the ‘SINGING STAFF’ will take requests from the audience and make them up on the spot. Yep, you finally get to yell out "Freebird!" and actually hear it!


Want to customize your show?


•write specialized lyrics for clients

•write original jingles

•can involve your clients in the show

•will tailor their show to your event

                     .      can sing walk-in music

Just let us know what you want and we'll make it happen!